• It can be used to clamp the main axis for the machine tool, and the ball screw support bearing for high precision,
      compatible with other common nuts.
      Our product can be safely used against green procurements such as RoHS and JIG24, which have fully met the standard.
      Also, Lock Nut can be produced in the process of checking precision on each product for improved quality control.
      Loose stopping nut(KAN) has a high precision and a good vibration proof.
  • Material : brass pin : C3604(environmentally supplied) / Main body : S45C / Set Screw : SCM435
  • Hardness : HrC 22~28
  • Surface process : black phosphated coating
  • Nut Precision Class : Degree : ISO 4H / angularity : ⊥0.002~0.007mm
    Any product has no set screw with it.
    For its shape and dimension, the following promises can be declared.
  • The shape of screw thread will be decided automatically not by nominal diameter, but by screw pitch.
  • Type of Nut can be selected according to where it is used, how it is and what is surrounded.
  • Once the nut is clamped, the material tends to break down. This leads to the loss of its elasticity,
      or the slits caused by mechanical vibrations result in both weak tension and friction.
      That's how the loose stopper happens.
      It's important that the tension is always made to work on the thread for the screw to be tightened.
  • The following expression can be applied to calculate the clamping torque and thrust load for the screw.
  • Clamp a spacer or the minimum bearing area on the inner race with the axial force which can generate an internal force of 10~15MPa.
        Clamping force = the minimum area x 10~15MPa
        Note: When the heat shrink fitting is applied, the product can be clamped with a force of 20MP,
              kept cool at room temperature and then clamped again with the standard torque after being loosened.
  • The Screw can adjust any angularity on the section. The loose stopping lock of a set screw can work only when it is clamped,
      and once the machine starts, take care to keep it working.
  • Duri Lock Nut has a high precision in designing, but cannot be replaced with any gauge due to its low rigidity and a large wear
       on the nut. Several replacements may result in a deviation in the diameter effective from the standard.
  • The level describes “any slit” between an male screw and a nut, as well as the shape and dimensions.
       The combined thread with narrow slits in it can have a good level in the precision.
        A good example includes a combination of external thread 5g and nut 5H, external 4h and Nut 4H.
        Note: combination of 4h and 4H has the smallest slit (or the highest precision level)
  • A sampling confirmation has been conducted in terms of the level of pitch (referred to as the deviation precision for each thread).