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lt is a low-inertia coupling suitable for high-speed operation due to the high strength aluminum alloy and the outer diameter of the shaft connecting hub.
There are 3 types according to the combination of the inner diameter of the coupling.
When fastening to the shaft, it is possible to securely fasten and shorten assembly time.
A wide variety of options such as a length-specified special order, and keyway milling application are available. Combinations of options are also possible, so you can provide various specifications.
Machine tool, Actuator, Semiconductor manufacturing equipment,
Chip mounter, Packing machine
Hub : Aluminum alloy with high stiffness
Hub surface treatment : Alumite
Clamping bolt : SCM435
Disk : SUS304
Washer : SUS304 & STEEL
Plate : Aluminum alloy with high stiffness
Plate Surface treatment : Alumite
Disk locking bolt : SCM435
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