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-Preload and tension can be adjusted.
- Most endurable to vibration. Accuracy can be adjusted.
- Powerful fitting.
- General, precise Bearing | Ball Screw Support Bearing
- Material : S45C
- Hardness : HRC 22 - 28
- Surface treatment : Black phosphated coating
- Screw preciseness : ISO4H degree
- Screw angularity : ┴ 0.002 ~ 0.007mm

1. Clean up the screw of the shaft
2. Loosen up each bolt.
3. Put the KAN nut into the screw and tighten it to the space of 1~2mm against the other section [see the figure 1]
4. Tighten the bolt in the sequence of diagonal uniformly to get rid of any slit between shaft and nut. [see the figure 2]
5. Assemble provisionally at the axial force of 3~5 times the actually required axial force.
5. This processing is very important for initial adoption of the nut.
6. Tighten the bolts in the sequence of diagonal uniformly with them loosen and then get rid of the space until the nut can be turned.
7. Tighten the nut with required axial force.
8. Tighten all the bolts with the standard torque in the sequence of diagonal uniformly and then fix them on the shaft. [see the figure 3]
9. The shaft cannot be vibrated by adjusting the bolts if necessary. Don't make the bolt too loosened for dimensioning the shaft.
9. Ensure that all the bolts must have a tension when closing the work.